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Test-tube baby of common sense you know?

    test-tube baby technology is a high-tech surgical procedure, currently has more than 300,000 of the test-tube baby was born, round dreams of infertility patients over the years. Many patients worry that IVF children there is no difference from natural childbirth? study concludes that the answer is: there is no difference. So, in vitro fertilization of common sense knows how many?

    test-tube baby technology is still in development, on March 26 this year, Central Hospital of obstetrics and Gynecology also the birth of a test-tube baby. Since then, the good news continued. Currently, the downtown Center for Obstetrics and Gynecology hospital, a hospital, General Hospital and other medical units of test-tube baby technology has been applied in clinical treatment, pregnancy success over more than 10 cases, IVF 5 term delivery cases, among them 4 boys, 1 girl.

    has brought hope for in vitro fertilization for infertile couples, although a late start, but the effect is very good. But many readers for this technology does not know about. According to experts, the indication for IVF treatment is widely used for a variety of tubal factor infertility, especially transportation removed the female patient, can consider in vitro fertilization treatment, the clinical pregnancy rate is about 30%, younger patients, the success rate is high.

    in vitro fertilization is not an easy thing, experts believe that IVF is not the couple their children, so even people with infertility, rather than letting people know what you have to do IVF. In fact, doing IVF egg and sperm, is from both sides. From a genetic standpoint, IVF is absolutely their own children.

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