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Confinement care knowledge: how much do you know?

    1, confinement in health sciences

    health month is combined with modern medical theory of the case, science to arrange rest and recuperation of the perinatal maternal health, pay attention to clean, reasonable and balanced mix of maternal diet, a modest increase in women gymnastics. Ensure both well on the basis of maternal figure to recover quickly.

    2, maternal diet and care

    (1), maternal diet principles

    • birth mothers, Caesarean section, maternal

    (2), maternal food choices

     • Cook eggs, hen stew, pork leg stew soup, noodles, sugar, millet gruel, fruit

    (3), the preparation of maternal diet

    3, women's personal care

    (1), cleaning of clothes

    • separate cleaning , Selection of suitable detergent (liquid), wash new clothes before wearing, proper cleaning of blood.

    (2), care maternal bath

    • suitable for use in the puerperium bath bathe or shower

    normal after 24 hours, if the body is restored to bath

    • should be taken to prevent wind chill, temperature should be 25 ℃, Water temperature at 38-40, this is appropriate.

    • uterine and perineal incision of maternal, not long ago in the wound, not shower, bath to prevent dirty water when contaminated wound

    • behind the shower won't dry, don't tie up your hair and not immediately sleep

    • postpartum refuge from the cold

  &Nbsp;  Khan • mattress

    • postpartum began to shower time

    • maternal bath shower, not tub you should choose

    • pay attention to the room temperature and the water temperature in the shower

    • shower without locking the bathroom door

    (3), daily precautions

    • recreation environment, hygiene, and adequate rest

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