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Baby sensitive nursing knowledge

    baby what are the sensitive parts of the body? sensitive parts of how nursing? Beijing confinement taught you about sensitive parts and nursing methods:


    after the baby is born, the doctor will cut the cord with sterile gauze wrapped, a week or so will fall off naturally. Parents give the child a bath, don't put the child in the water-soaked for a long time. In addition, the pads when the diaper, diapers longer, better to reflexed at the waist down, so as not to spread the urine to the umbilicus. Bath cotton with alcohol to disinfect umbilicus, and observe whether there is redness around the umbilical cord, water leaking or smell if an exception to the doctor in a timely manner.

    nursing ass

    ass work very often, if we are not careful can cause diaper dermatitis. When choosing diapers, you should choose cloth diapers and diaper. Generally speaking, close-fitting, breathable cloth diapers, the economic environment, sunny days and summer is very convenient to use. Diaper in rainy days and nights can be very convenient. There after the bowel movement, use warm water to wash your butt, especially diarrhea of children must take great pains to do, and towel-dry skin, gently sucking the water, rather than rub your skin, so as not to damage the delicate skin around the genitals and anus.

    when using diapers, some parents often forget to change, especially when using paper diapers, that disposable diapers absorbent, multi-purpose time it doesn't matter, but diaper rash often occurs in babies. Treatment approach is practical, keeping local dry. Cloth diapers are often in the Sun, to kill bacteria. In addition, when a child is just a change of diapers or just after, let the ass sun drying, do not immediately Pack on it.


    eye care needs to be very careful, when a child is born to carry pathogenic bacteria, particularly the eye susceptible to conjunctivitis, another child like hands grasping foreign bodies, injured the eye more easily. Under normal circumstances, you can clean the eye with warm water, if the conjunctiva is red, you can use eyedrops eye drops, 3 times per day. If it is scratched, it is best to cut nails and wear thin gloves to prevent scratching. Ocular foreign body can gently rinse with water or with sterile cotton swab to wipe out, if more difficult, it is best to seek medical treatment, so as not to injure the cornea.


    When you give the kids a bath, try to avoid bathing water into the ear canal, if accidentally flow into, you can put the baby's head to the side, water flow, with a cotton swab and gently wipe off the water, but do not put a cotton swab into the ear canal. In cold also be careful when children have ear discomfort, secretions or is there a special odor. If a child is always catching ears, beware the risk of otitis media.


    to keep the mouth clean, especially after eating some warm water to properly feed, do not always had food in his mouth. If the secretions of the mouth a white, you may be suffering from thrush, need to use anti-fungal medications, anti-fungal such as gentian violet. Usually be appropriate to children vitamin supplements to keep oral mucosa full to prevent stomatitis.


    often have babies on the scalp with a layer of Brown dirt, scale-like, very nice. Parents once forced them to pull out, or with external application of herbal medicine, which is very dangerous, especially around the forehead, which is very dangerous, I once dealt a brain infection caused as a result, the last child of bacterial meningitis, resulting in paralysis. The right approach is to use vegetable oil to soften and gradually fall off naturally. General by June or so, your baby's scalp is clean.

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