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Postpartum body recovery needs to pay attention to?

    how beautiful pre-pregnancy shape as soon as possible after delivery, in addition to outside technology postpartum exercise, diet and life should pay attention to the following points:

    diet principles: to postpartum not obesity, to control high heat food of intake, to note nutrition, active intake is rich in iron, and calcium, and carotene, of green vegetables, is rich in quality protein, and vitamin minerals of Sesame and nuts class, beans food also is important, to as select low heat of recipes menu, keep good of diet balance , don't Eclipse chicken, and duck, and fish, and meat, and egg, cannot think only more eat animal sex food is increased nutrition, Should pay attention to meat and mix, in addition to sugar and sugar intake should be limited. If the appropriate rational herbal cuisine diet, you can recover faster and better, avoiding excessive up chicken, duck, fish, meat, obesity, the beauty of the women is worth trying.

    notes: life should pay attention to the following points:

    (1) eat three meals a day: in order to lose weight and reduce the number of meals, tend to have the opposite effect, which not only improves the absorption of fat, tend to become obese, but also affect the secretion of breast milk.

    (2), add enough water to prevent constipation: once you become constipated Constitution, easy not only fat, but also prone to edema, restlessness, adverse effects to the body. To prevent constipation, more water and eat more fruits and vegetables, it is best to develop the habit of getting up in the morning to drink a glass of water, and develop fixed-time defecation habits .

    (3) best snacks during the day, and control sweet tooth: after a meal or snack before going to bed, and burn away calories into fat, snack once a day, time is fixed in more activity during the day, to control high-fat snacks.

    (4) personal nursing: breastfeeding is the best way to lose weight, maternal body breastfeeding consume too much of the nutrients and calories to prevent fat accumulation in the weight will naturally ease.

    (5) do not eat: should control the speed and quantity of meals, they like to eat enough is enough, and eat slowly, it is crucial to eliminating obesity.

    (6) Science supplements: tonifying Qi and nourishing blood traditional Chinese medicine and nursed back to health with family, can improve both nourishing and nursed back to health effects, and treatment of postpartum obesity.


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