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Causes and countermeasures of child is easily distracted

    are often the parents complained that the children were not concentrating, I do not know how to settle them down. Children of everything not feel dejected, but couldn't settle down.

    the reason for this may lie in:

    1, the child has not yet developed hobbies, have no interest in doing things;

    2, lifestyle disruption, external stimuli too much too strong;

    3, taken much care and protection;

    4, manipulating children, asking for too much, that he lacks self-confidence;

    5, bad example for the parents themselves;

    6, radical, not quiet;

    7, child's intelligence is too high;

    8, note lack of concentration, it would be more difficult, to try to improve.

    child is easily distracted responses:

    1, help children cultivate interest. When the children caught up in doing things, do not attempt to interfere or stop him, make him focused to finish the whole thing, so can the concept of raising children should not stop halfway;

    2, avoiding excessive care and protection, to give children opportunities for self;

    3, pay attention to the child's abilities and mental maturity, arranging appropriate activities and rest, avoid high difficulty for him;

    4, children do things aimed to simple, or easy to distract children;

    5, to allow time for children to understand the truth of what you can do today;

    6, give children a space to avoid disturb and distract his attention;

    7, leading by example, the child can have a subtle effect.

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