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Music an unborn baby of six big taboos

    music a lot now, adults-there are many, but the music rarely suitable for prenatal care. Good prenatal music can improve the negative emotions of expectant mothers, have a better state of mind, and this good feeling could be passed to the fetal baby.

    avoid: overly loud music; do not send child baby listen to excessive noise or music not suitable for baby, baby will not like to hear the high-frequency sound waves.

    two bogey: a sudden loud noise of music if in the fetal baby is listening to the music and suddenly bang, so scared of the fetus.

    three taboos: the volume is too loud; too much volume will make baby uncomfortable, because fetuses are more "weak".

    four aspects: prenatal music too long; 5-10 minutes in length are suitable, Bebe Le Suzhou month recommended fetus over to listen, to create appropriate incentives; wait until after the baby is born to hear that music has a familiar feel, to new-born babies in utero sense to calm babies is good for emotional function.

    five-bogey: the rhythm of the music too fast, too fast will allow fetal nervous.

    six-bogey: a musical range is too high because the fetal brain development is not yet complete, separation between their brain is not complete, therefore, the range is too high can cause nerve stimulation between concatenated, the fetus unable to load, causing brain damage.

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