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What are the factors that affect the child's height?

    first is nutrition: body length is the sum of the head, spine and lower limbs, bones is reaction, especially important signs of bone growth. Child nutrition when you cannot meet the needs in bone growth, it will slow down the rate of height growth. Vitamin d, calcium and phosphorus in closely related to bone growth and insufficient iodine and zinc, and can lead to the short. Therefore, always wanted attention to child nutrition is comprehensive.

    followed by sleep: growth hormone secreted by the pituitary gland is an important hormones stimulate the growth of children. The secretion of human growth hormone is the imbalance within the 24 hours a day, when the amount of sleep when you wake. Lack of sleep can affect a child grow taller, children need daily sleep time, individual differences, if some children sleep less, but mentally, emotionally, and normal growth, but also do not have to insist.

    is moving again: exercise can improve blood circulation, improve the nutrition of bone, bone growth accelerated, bone density, promote height growth. 3-4 months ago , child, prone position several times a day, to promote the General activities, and with the increase of age, time train rolled over, crawling, standing, walking, and other basic skills. Children should not be held too long or sitting, baby does not facilitate activity body, sitting is affecting the development of lower limbs.

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