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Physical growth of neonates indicator how much do you know?

    new moms in motherhood definitely want to give your baby the best, must hope that the baby is healthy, but what constitutes health? this indicator is required to refer to the following.

    weight: full term newborn baby weight at birth is approximately 3000 grams, slightly heavier boys than girls. One week after birth often have weight loss phenomenon, this is temporary, and within 10 days to recover, called the decline in physiological weight.

    height: averaging about 49-50 cm, slightly longer boys than girls.

    head: baby boy at about 34.4 cm, about 34.01 cm baby girl.

    bust: baby boy about 32.65 cm, about 32.57 cm baby girl.

    head: newborn anterior Fontanelle is in the middle of a long diamond, was flat and open, sometimes visible pulse. Parents pay attention to Fontanelle, don't let it impact. After about 1 year old it will slowly closed.

    abdomen: abdomen is soft, bulging.

    the skin: skin soft, rosy, the surface has a small amount of Vernix caseosa, subcutaneous fat is fuller.

    limbs: double swinging fists, legs, and body bending. Some babies will have feet overpronate, arms slightly outside and so on, this is normal for most relieved after the full moon, feet in approximately 3 months after remission.

    breathing: neonatal respiration shallow and irregular, abdominal breathing. About 40-45 times per minute, sometimes a moment of pause.

    circulation: heart rate faster than adults, and 90-160 beats per minute.

    excretion: newborns in 12 hours after the starting row of meconium. Meconium is a deep, dark green or black sticky heavy paste-like, this is the baby swallowing amniotic fluid in the womb baby, Vernix caseosa, intestinal secretions and the formation of stool. Fetal 3-4 days to drain away. After the feeding, shit began to turn yellow. Milk a day 1-2 stool, breast-fed children stool frequency is slightly more 4-5 times a day. 24 hours after the child is born has yet to see rows of tires, you should immediately ask the doctor to check to see if there is anal organ deformities, such as.

    urine: newborn little urine output on the first day, about 10-30 ml. In less than 36 hours after urination is normal. Water intake with lactation, children gradually increasing the amount of urine, can be more than 10 times a day, daily amount up to 100-300 ml, ml up to 250-450 before and after the full moon. Children urine more often, this is a normal phenomenon, not because the children of old urine, reduced to water. Especially in summer, if less water at room temperature and high, children are dehydrated hot.

    temperature: newborn's normal body temperature is between 36-37 ℃, but body temperature in newborn infants of central function is still not perfect, easy and stable body temperature, outside temperature and the environmental temperature variation. The subcutaneous fat of the newborn is thin, relatively large body surface area, easy to heat. Therefore, the newborn to keep warm, especially in winter, the indoor temperature should be maintained at 18-22 c, if the room temperature is too low easily lead to Scleroderma.

    taste: newborns after birth, sucking, swallowing, instinct, though little, taste is also very sensitive. Neonatal neurological development due to taste better, so sour, salty, bitter, sweet and can cause reactions, such as eat sweet, can cause the baby's sucking action; for the bitter, salty, sour and other tastes, can cause unpleasant feeling, or even stop sucking.

    Visual: the Visual development of newborns is weak, the vision is not clear, but react to light, eyes roll around without purpose. Half a month later, her light in a distance of 50 cm can be seen, the eye will follow the rotation.

    hearing: new baby ear drums filled with liquid substances, prevent the conduction of sound. Slowly and gradually absorbed liquid in ears, hearing also will increase.

    touch: hot and cold, the child is known, this is due to the child's skin function at work. Package to the child too much, baby is too hot, or too little package to the child, child is too cold, can cause a child to cry. This crying is actually a language to children, adults can't hear the child crying on its hands. Should look for the reason, is it cold or hot or urine. Find out why, make the children comfortable, actually is a similar language exchanges.

    sleep: newborns about sleep 20 hours a day or more.

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