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Baby crying reasons and solutions

    infant crying due to what? in baby care, often encounter a baby crying, which is a common phenomenon for young babies but mothers are most concerned about. Don't know what baby crying reasons, so the following month to new mothers in Beijing introduced several newborn crying cause for infant care help.

    1, crying when feeding. When feeding babies repeatedly to avoid nipple and cry while eating, probably milk too fast (or overshoot). Extrude a small amount of milk after feeding. If the Fed should use low flow nipple.

    2, gets up enough milk before feeding, loud, short, regular, often accompanied by a sucking action, timely breastfeeding.

    3, after bowel crying. When a child cries should first check for defecation, if wet or have a bowel movement, should be replaced immediately and dry diapers.

    4, newborn clothing caused by crying. Hot, cold or clothes are too tight can cause crying, should pay attention to room temperature, and appropriate increase or decrease your baby's clothes and bedding.

    5, need caresses crying. Baby awake a long time not to touch crying, crying little, off and on. When the children wake up, touch, talk to him, give the baby more music can improve the child's intelligence and mental development.

    6, newborn crying when I was sick. Newborns if the stuffy nose, fever, and diarrhea will cry, cry profile, dramatic, should promptly to the hospital.

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