Intelligence toys help develop baby's intelligence

    Kai intellectual toy,. playing in the sand: all children love playing with sand and water, and after 18 months the child already knows just put everything into their mouths, then you can let them play sand. With a variety of gadgets, such as shovel, rake, small barrel, let the children be creative capacities, built of sand of various shapes.

    Kai Chi toy II,. baby: two-year old child has begun to have a personality, they have been able to express their love and hate. This time, they need a doll. If you have a doll, especially the girls they can be treated like mother treat their dolls, doll face, dressing, feeding, praise or blame dolls.

    Kai Chi toy three,. folding Cup: on a two-year old children, folding glass toy is the infinite game, which can be stacked into towers and compressed into a single Cup, and small blocks or other small objects hidden in looking for a folding Cup. Through these games, children can know some things though eyes cannot see, but it is real.

    Kai intellectual toy, and. picture books: the two-year old child has been through the eye, mouth, hand to know many things, if you can find known items in picture books, it would be much fun Oh! of course, parents can also use picture books to teach children about more things. This type of painting is, of course, simple lines and bright colours, to identify at a glance what is to come.

    Kai Chi five toys, toy car: a two-year, children can control various parts of the body, you can drive "car", and you can drive fast, slow, or you can ride "horses". If the "car" can also contain their own small toys, and they can also act as a transport driver, that's really fun.

    Kai Chi toy six,. pulled the animal toys: children walking "animal" makes them fascinating, they will understand the rope slowly affects the strength of the original there, than those that use a battery electric toy car is more retarded.

    retarded seven toys, ring ring: 3-month-old baby will be holding "ring ring" play, they try to touch, feel, see or taste. Hands touch, experience hand feel, with eyes the color of toys, mouth to taste the taste of toys, rocking the "ring ring" voice when training a baby's hearing. This type of the simple toy is baby's intellectual development the first step.

    Kai Chi toy BA,. balls: 6-month-old baby of all are interested in dynamic, color ball can roll for their most attractive, hand-pushed the ball will roll forward, baby also climbed to chase the ball, if the mother can play with them it would have been even better.

    Kai intellectual toy,. building blocks: 8-month-old baby has been found, they have known toys, furniture and other appliances, they learned that some items are soft, some hard, some angular, some are round. Building blocks, baby will start using two hands, they know two blocks collide will beep, stacked on top of another would be higher than the single block and folded into many different shapes of building blocks can also be used.

    Kai Chi toys ten composite shape box: this is for training children to observe the shape of toys, this toy, children can learn a shape of opening only allows the same shape of goods through. By toy lets kids learn life supplies a variety of different shapes, where the size of the toys about 18 months infants more appropriate.

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