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    "in addition to Tung oil stains" available gasoline, kerosene or detergent cleaning, tofu can also be used to scrub and then rinse with clean water.

    "subject to stains with crab roe" has white gills rub the swab out of the cooked crab, and then wash in cold water with SOAP.

    "remove rust stains" 1% oxalic acid solution to clean rust stains from clothes, and then rinse with clear water.

    "blood and milk stains removal methods"

    1, carrots, crushed, mixed with salt, coat the stained with blood and milk stains on clothes rubbing, then rinse with clean water.

    2, clothes stained with traces of blood, milk, ginger scrub, then dipped in cold water and rub, leaving no trace.

    "except smoke grease a method" clothes Shang just drops Shang has chimney oil, should immediately with gasoline rub, as rub Hou still left colored spot, available 2% of oxalic acid liquid wipe, again with water wash NET. once clothing Shang drops Shang smoke oil, to speed take ashes a handful of, uniform sub in above, stay moments ashes dry Hou, clear to ashes, smoke oil since off. as clothing Shang of smoke oil has dry, and time more long, can first with water soaked oil track at, then again take ashes amount sub in above, Dried grease stains with the exception.

    "in addition to salve stains" first with gasoline, kerosene, cleaning, you can also use alcohol or liquor rub until the stain with detergent after dipping, then rinse with clean water.

    "subject buttons stains" plastic buttons if there are stains, you can pad of paper plastic around the buttons, and then wipe clean with a rubber.

    "except printing grease" with SOAP and gasoline of mixed liquid (not containing water) dip drift or coated in color stains Shang, gently rub, makes its dissolved off, again with SOAP water washing, with water drift net. If after SOAP washing, oil has except, color is in, should for faded processing. to with bleach or insurance powder (for silk clothing of) to elimination color stains.

    "except ballpoint pens grease stains soaked in cold water, wipe gently with acetone or benzene carbon tetrachloride, and then wash with detergent and water. not wash with gasoline. also add a small amount of SOAP to apply some toothpaste gently rub, if there are residual traces, wipe with alcohol again.

    "law by wearing cool clothes" in the hot season, shortly before the work can put underwear in plastic bags in the fridge. after a day's work when you back home and take a shower, then taken from the fridge and put on underwear, you will feel extremely pleasant and comfortable.

    "wear new shoes of method" many people not like wear new shoes, because new shoes too hard, wearing not comfortable, even easy put feet mill out blisters. to change this status, available a wet sponge will mill feet parts of upper leather wet, 1 hours Hou on has softening, again wear on not so uncomfortable has. but don't often wipe wet upper leather, as on protection shoes adverse.

    "vinegar can removed grape juice stains" as not carefully will grape juice drops in cotton or cotton Dacron clothes Shang, do don't with SOAP (alkaline) wash. because with alkaline material wash not only cannot faded, instead makes juice stains color aggravated. should immediately with food vinegar (white vinegar, and vinegar are can) little, soaking in stains at number minutes, then with water wash NET, not left any traces.

    "vinegar odor of water washing" summer clothes and socks often with sweat odors. wash clothes, socks in plus a small amount of vinegar rinse again in water, in addition to clothing, socks smell.?

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