How to determine whether the babies can go to kindergarten?

    determine whether a baby to the kindergarten, not age alone, not to say that a baby to 2 years or 3 years old, he (she) can read in kindergarten, you should consider the following questions:

    questions: 1 did he basic abilities?

    for example, wash hands before eating or the games themselves, without too many secondary cases, able to eat, sleep alone for lunch, you can go to the bathroom, or in a "meaning" before, teachers said.

    issue: 2 he can do separately from their parents?

    If a child did not leave after the birth parents, the adaptability of some small training him to, for example, at the weekend sent him to Grandma's House for the night, or let him at a relative's home on the day.

    question: 3 he can play alone for a moment?

    kindergarten many activities require children to concentrate on independent operations. If the baby while MOM is away, he won't play. MOM is trying to slowly develop, for example, when my mother was washing the dishes when you give him a color if he can play for 20 minutes, then slowly extend his own playing time, so he used while MOM is away playing.

    question: 4 he accept collective activities?

    for children under 3 years of age, and obediently sat together listening to the teacher telling stories and singing lessons with the teacher, or several people worked together building blocks should not be a difficult thing. But if the child used the chaos that filled the room, and haven't done games with other children, you need to develop.

    question: 5 and he schedules regular?

    kindergarten having a fixed schedule, the way doing the same thing at the same time, learning is very beneficial for children. So, if the baby's life is less regularly, you may need to begin to reverse.

    question: 6 he adapt to kindergarten schedule?

    has a full schedule of kindergarten, one after another of the games in the morning, eat sleep after lunch. If the baby is now also has the habit of taking a NAP this morning, may not fit into the Park, or he will feel very tired.

    issue: 7 Why do you send him to kindergarten?

    If the mother takes the baby to the nursery are want to relax, to kindergarten to share some responsibilities, it is better to objectively assess their own children, don't bite. Learn more at home if you are concerned about things much, and for a child, a mother's love and companionship was all he needed.

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