Five of the babies GAB tips

    sneak peek 1: extremely rich – baby talk

    in conversation with the baby we are always extremely rich, even a bit of an exaggeration. Vivid and varied tone, tone baby left a profound impression, also brings out his Mimetic desire. Happy words in expressing myself more and look more closely.

    sneak peek 2: parent-child conversation-early is not afraid "casting pearls before swine"

    happy when I was very young, we have been talking to him, he couldn't understand. We looked into his eyes, exaggerated features, the vivid and he spoke about this and that, sometimes pronounced by exaggerating your mouth happy, give him subtle perceptions.

    sneak peek 3: early reading – oral and written

    happy 4-5 months, we read great books with him, read color scheme aimed and timed each day bright and eye-catching objects, images of beautiful pictures, cards, books. Around 1 happy reading baby illustrated. He 2~3 a story one week again, turns, loops about. When a story begins we are very colloquial, and imagination as much as possible, expanding tell many not directly shown on the picture clues, plot, dialogue, mental activity, understanding of the story for the baby as well. After the baby is accustomed, we tell the same story then slowly refine the practice of written language, based on the fun in learning words, statements, try to simply retell the story.

    sneak peek 4: mandatory--responded positively to baby

    baby call, ask, talk, even when talking to himself, we have given a positive and timely response. Because language is communication and skilled in the process of applying and mastering, baby to exercise regularly in the mutual exchange of words, we talk correct, guide, develop baby's language. Baby say, dare to speak and said, good language development.

    sneak peek 5: parent-child conversation--ask one more thing, let imagination extends

    happy usually say, identify what we usually ask one more sentence: "like what? in?" Wait. Once happy with my sweater collar said: "your dress is a one!" I asked, "like what?" Happy said, "like a fish's tail!" Then the fish will do? "" Swimming in the water! " Over time, the baby will naturally imagine, he used to say: "shit baby, big banana," "paper floated, like leaves!" Language in his monologue becomes relatively more and more rich creative.

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