How to avoid malformations in the family education?

    1, expose their children to community deep in tall buildings should let the children out of the House, and the neighbor's children, especially the opposite sex peers more exposure, and unknown man, with people of different ages. Can also be used to let the children go to a classmate's House of popping, fraternize, additional supplementary information.

    2, kids exercise when necessary according to plan together with the children playing ball or shuttlecock, skipping or jogging. Often walked out of the building by walking up and down stairs and biking are also fully play the role of physical exercise.

    3, cultivate children's grades should be generally excellent, individually one or two subjects highlighted in all subjects are also better footing. In elementary and secondary school level, more morality in hand, comprehensive development of the child should be encouraged.

    4, encourage children to participate in public events where the game, performance, writing, sign and other activities, children should be encouraged to participate in, play to our strengths, bravely into battle, active fighting, and to strive for winning.

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