How much do you know about neonatal education?

    newborn babies was born 1 month, can neither speak nor walk, how to carry out education?

    baby was born two week Hou, parents to for he layout a appropriate of environment, can in distance Newborn eyes 20~40 cm at hanging a color bright and has sound of toy, and slowly swing, tease children of sight, training children eye fixed and eye of coordination action, and gradually training Chase depending on activities, to this to development children of vision and listening; can with small hand Bell, audio toy, in its ear gently shake, training hearing reaction; Put some relaxing music, keeping kids healthy emotions, and helps to develop auditory perception and aesthetic mothers breastfeeding their children to talk face to face, to develop response capacity and memory; you can also get a little something to let children touch, allows children to experience different feelings such as hot and cold, hard ... ... In the confined to early education newborn, it does benefit children's development in the future.

    has its own physical and psychological characteristics of newborn. See: after the birth, he's not very coordinated eye movements, Strabismus of transient, saw the light would blink, close their eyes and frowning, and can have a short look on objects within the perspective, eyes can follow moving objects at close range. Audio: hear be quiet about, stop crying, great sound can cause like "surprise jump" Moro reflex. Palate: has well-developed, taste sour, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty taste to facial features Shu Mei, sticking out of the tongue or a struggling expression to say welcome, disgusted, refuses. Other smell is weak, but strong pungent odour can cause a reaction, temperature sensation and tactile sensitivity, pain dull.

    these characteristics, indicating many things of the outside world has been perceived by newborn. Early education from training in newborn infants of the five senses, develop keen powers of observation, and its intelligence and other abilities.

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