Why tsukiko?

    maternal bleeding due to childbirth, combined with sweat, backache, abdominal pain, very wear and tear strength, blood, bones and muscles were very weak, is vulnerable to cold attacks, you need a tune up time, postpartum must sit out in order to restore health. The purpose of confinement is modest in the period movement and rest, proper food and diet, can resume production before the size of the uterus, blood after a conditioning can also be recovered, even better than before, but also physical fitness during this period of time will not change. So do confined should note of details:

    a, and caution cold temperature

    with climate and live environment of temperature, and humidity changes, maternal wearing of clothing and indoor using of electrical equipment, should do appropriate of adjustment, indoor temperature about 25~26sheshidu, humidity about 50%~60%, wearing long sleeve, and trousers, and socks, avoid cold, and cold, or makes joint by wind, and cold , Moisture intrusion.

    II, appropriate work and

    moderate labour and rest, for Lochia discharge, recovery of the bones and muscles and is very helpful. Initial postpartum maternal when you feel weak, dizzy, fatigue, more bed rest, time to get up no more than half an hour, such as physical strength gradually restore time can be slightly elongated, time is limited to 1 hour to 2 hours in order to avoid prolonged standing or sitting, causing backache, back pain, pain in the legs, knee and ankle joints.

    third, clean

    hair and body should be frequently cleaned to maintain clean, avoid bacterial infection and inflammation.

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