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Breast care

    open milk/tongru

    breast care

    regulation of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of mastitis

    in the early postpartum and breastfeeding as a whole, aimed at blocking milk, swollen breasts, pain, breast lumps, breast tube blockage, Chinese massage, make originally closed, adhesion or twist the milk tube open, achieve the purpose of smooth milk and effectively improve the situation of hyperplasia of mammary glands.

    using the method of traditional Chinese medicine, massage, Meridian massage, diet, diet, psychological guidance, steering maternal breastfeeding expertise to help women achieve the purpose of breastfeeding.

    of maternal mastitis breastfeeding, using traditional Chinese medicine comprehensive therapy, achieve the goal of rapid inflammation, fever; maternal pain is small, quick and noninvasive, does not affect breastfeeding. Compared with Western medical treatment, drug-free, safe, and low cost.

    fees: 300 yuan/hour

    fee: 300 yuan/hour

    fee: 1000 Yuan/time

List of services
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