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Full moon sweat

    apply for:

    1, full moon maternity;

    2, was left in a confined root;

    3, abortion and induced abortion;

    4, severe postpartum depression

    5, tried to restore the figure after childbirth.

    expected results:

    ※ Detox, cleanse skin toxin, beautifying skin,

    ※ targeted prevention and eradication of wind and many other illnesses after childbirth;

    ※ filled milk, stretch mark reduction, safe and effective recovery form.


    RMB 680/

    children were major events in a woman's life, but many mothers (80%) at the same time enjoying, but suffer postpartum headache, low back pain, pain in joints, muscles, acid,, MA, pain, chills, The pain of cold and so confined.

    original, maternal in experience has delivery this a tension, and pain of process Hou, bones exterior big open, body upright insufficient, vitality yet losses, and body resistance declined; and because production Hou whole confined activities volume is small, most new mother can't wash head, and bath, led some metabolism real attached in skin surface; another confined during to home visits of people compared more, maternal of resistance compared poor, is easy by bacteria or virus of invaded, If you are not careful it is possible to catch cold, the wind, the body of significant cold. Thus, headaches, back pain and joint pain postpartum wind all the illnesses. If not treated, will have great impact on women's lives, then treatment will be more difficult, said: "a month after giving birth, health for a lifetime. "

    the past, many people pay more attention to nutrition, exercise during pregnancy, when regular hospital to have a child, children born to call in a professional confinement, think this is sufficient, but rather sit out one of the most important items are ignored, that is, when the Moon is maternal Detox (is what we usually call a full moon sweat). Because sweat contains a natural antibody, called "Pi Xiding" protein (Dermicidin) can kill harmful bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, thrush yeast. By full moon sweat not only bacteria and viruses can be discharged, stored cold in the body through sweating can also be completely ruled out.

    same time, sweating after childbirth is also a very good way to lose weight. Can excrete water swelling and minus excess fat, restoration of a beautiful form and a cheerful disposition.

    usually full moon sweat drink Chinese medicinal soup, then covered with several layers of thick blankets to sweat. This approach is neither science nor health and sweating cannot discharge, so the full moon sweat lost its function and meaning.

    Jin Yuean Bay using special equipment allowing you to enjoy 30 minutes of sweat toxins 10-kilometer of running sweat. At this point you evenly throughout the body through sweating, promote blood circulation, active metabolism, enhance the Phagocytic function of cells, balancing functions of the human body, in order to achieve blood, open cream, thoroughly under the cold, the effects toxins (Lochia), burn fat and beautify the skin and relieve stress, strengthens the immune system, as well as the prevention of various diseases.

List of services
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