List of services

Recruit students

    early childhood education major: 0~3sui baby early intellectual development, athletic ability and coordination skills, education and other training.

    month professional: daily against pregnant women, newborn care diet food; health care, disease prevention and training.

    home cleaning professional: bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and other environments, for routine cleaning and maintenance training.

    making family meals: family groups in the North and South, the different flavors of training development of home cooking, tips, etc.

    home appliances common sense: common utility and maintenance of home appliances and so on.

    clothes washing: for different seasons, different colors, different considerations for fabric for clothes washing, and so on.

    professional ethics: professional obligations for a waiter, to be loving, customer service, honesty and trustworthiness.

    care: situations and targeted guidance and considerations for the elderly and so on.

    cleaning of common sense: devoted to family, to provide professional cleaning services, including bedroom/kitchen/living room, etc.

    pet along: family pet notes, provide targeted training, meet the family pet needs.

List of services
Hefei Love Yuesao Service Center

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