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Newborn care

    four basic nursing skills: temperature, clothes cover, cut nails, observation of sleep.

    1. Temperature

    first thermometer mercury dumped into a 36 c, and headers in neonatal underarm thermometer, gently press the newborn upper arm to the table clamp, measuring time is 5 minutes.

    remove and read: rotary tables see mercury, look at scale, read out the ticks. Normal temperature is 36. 5 c-37. Between 5 degrees c.

    should pay attention to monitoring temperature in the neonatal period, of not less than 2 times a day.

    2. Clothing cover is

    is a special period in the neonatal period, room temperature should be kept between 22 c-26 c, cold hot bad for newborns. In the appropriate room temperature, newborn should wear cotton jump suits, not to wear Member clothes newborns, because at the time of holding the newborn, avatar clothing easy to expose the belly, so as not to catch cold or abrasion of the umbilical cord in neonates parts; avoid bruised in bed clothes wrinkled newborn's delicate skin; cotton clothes on newborn skin irritant-free, breathable.

    newborn package by taking cotton as well, not too thick, lined quilt is commonly used in the summer, in winter you will need slightly thick quilt, but it should not be too thick.

    newborn in wear clothing cover was aspects should note moderate, should not be too more too thick, if feel newborn neck or Palm sweating, and appeared annoying dry, and cry make, and facial flush or temperature than usually slightly high, shibiao Hou, temperature still in normal range within, is has may is wear cover too more has, is should appropriate reduction volume; if newborn hands sent cool, is has may wear cover less has, is should appropriate added clothing or added was. In short, development of neonatal body temperature regulation is not perfect, wear cover must be moderate.

    3. Nails

    newborns nails using nail clippers made especially for babies, selected in the newborn sleep time or quiet time to cut, so as not to cut the newborn's delicate little fingers.

    newborn's nails should not be too short, so as to avoid Paronychia, cutting time should try to keep the nails smooth, should not leave a tip to avoid newborn scratching his face.

    4. Sleep observations

    newborns sleep to wake some rules can be broadly divided into 6 kinds of conscious States, quiet sleep, activity, sleep, sleep, awakening, activity and quiet awakening cry. Hand and foot suddenly shaking when newborns sleep sometimes or a surprise, it's not exhaust is normal sleep. Sometimes left without saying a couple of sound, moving the body, this is not a problem, but sleeping tired from another position, normal sleep phenomena.

    "standard standard"

    measure the temperature correctly.

    according to season and room temperature, maintain appropriate temperature, indoor temperature should not be overheating.

    will use a professional baby nail clippers.

    understand and master the newborn sleep feature.


    when the newborn holding excessive, or the external temperature is too high, or newborn eating too little water, are likely to increase body temperature, so when when neonatal body temperature above the normal, General State without exception, all is not sick, it should be noted that the above 4 conditions.

    in newborn clothing shields as they were, should pay more attention to avoid insulation overheating situations.

    newborns when you cut your nails, if you use the ordinary nail Clipper, paying special attention to not cut baby's finger.

    don't let the newborns start to sleep holding the bad habit, which will increase the difficulty of care in the future. Coax when newborn, not holding sway, so as not to damage the brain.

    "tools and materials"

    thermometer, coated, cotton jump suits, baby-specific special nail clippers, baby cot.


    neonatal body temperature regulation is not very perfect, temperature is greatly influenced by the external environment, when room temperature is 22 degrees Celsius, the newborn can maintain normal body temperature. Room temperature should be maintained at 22 c. Summer should pay attention to ventilation, air conditioning can be used. If there is insufficient ventilation, temperature and heat dehydration may occur, to remain vigilant. If no other causes of fever, you should first eliminate the possibility of dehydration heat. Newborns should be given to drink enough water.

    neonatal neurological development is not very perfect, low excitability of the cerebral cortex, so tired easily, easy to go to sleep.

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