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    Industry Outlook

    at present, science, health, "confinement" concept by more and more young women agree, and many modern families already have received Community maternal and child domestic service capacities and conditions. So the industry has significant market potential and prospects. But maternal and child services is just beginning, critical gaps in the market, very few regular maternal and child services agency. Followed market needs for talents with professional baby sitter to a demand level, cities of nursing services market across the grid. Real nursery personnel with professional skills to be respected by the society and customers, and access to good material in return, current month and baby sitter market earning between 2000-15000 RMB.

    in 2004, the Ministry of labor and social security, China released a white paper on the situation of domestic service in China, wrote that "from domestic service demand, in the city, can be said to be an important development of the employment market. Chinese society is stepping into the family compact, the ageing of the population, the modernization and socialization of labor, which can be directly created domestic service needs. "At present, China's maternal and child services is a new industry, still in its infancy, has great potential for development, broad market space. Low investment, high return, the steady income of employees, large scale elastic, does not take the money, do not involve earmarking, known as the sunrise industry of the 21st century China market and sunshine project, has broad potential for development and growth.


    1, applicant services for headquarters review, understanding all services provided to the franchise company, and headquarters status, trial management system at Headquarters.

    2, submitted to the unit or personal information, fill in the application form.

    3, applicants to the headquarters in writing or by telephone, mail submitted to the State of the local economy and domestic market conditions, the Hefei love confinement service center franchise business vision.

    4, the two sides signed agreements of intent, franchisees pay the application to join the deposit.

    5, headquarters through the initial eligibility (franchisees personal conditions, opening of franchise specification of locations), market development department 1-3 staff to apply for site visits, review by

    6, the two parties signed a formal Alliance contract

    7, reach an agreement, Applicant appointed 1-3 to Hefei headquarters for field visits, talks, agreement, signed the Alliance contract, accept the headquarters training, training issue for more details.

    8, opening

    9, joined members of Headquarters network archives, annual appraisals of each chain, to recognize and reward the excellent chain.

    join qualification

    1, has a certain cultural quality, there are certain management skills with love, patience and responsibility.

    2, markets for the mother and have a higher awareness, and enough enthusiasm and passion to join to the cause of mother and child.

    3, hard work, dedication. Entrepreneurial spirit.

    4, brand awareness, and consciously safeguard brand reputation

    5, headquarters of the early management training.

    6, maintaining the company's image and interests.


    1. Joined operations facility provides unified decoration style design.

    2. Offer brand promotion;

    3. Provides site operations, extended

    4. Web part interface partner maintenance;

    5. Providing confinement, nursing provides training and other services;

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